Flavia Soaps & More products are made with beautiful, real botanicals and natural amazing ingredients.   Please know your allergies and, when in doubt, perform a patch test when using a product that is new to you.  Of course, discontinue use in the case of any irritation. Keep in mind that some people with very sensitive skin can have an allergic reaction to even the outmost natural products. Always test before you use.

Because we stay away from harsh preservatives, Flavia Soaps & More products require some care when it comes to storage and use.  First, they are made in small batches and that means they are FRESH.  When used right away and regularly you should never have an issue with spoilage.  To prevent the premature breakdown of some of the natural ingredients, please store away from light and heat.  Avoid introducing water into your Flavia Soaps & More products, as natural products are too gentle to fight the molds that like to live in wet places.  Always use clean, dry  hands to dispense our products. By following these tips your products will remain fresh until the end.  

When using products that contain essential oils please remember:

Special care should always be used by pregnant or nursing women.  We recommend checking with your doctor before using any product containing essential oils.

Please keep all of your essential oil containing products away from children and pets!

We want you to feel completely comfortable and know you are using only the best when using our products.  If you ever have questions or concerns please contact us.