LAVENDER: 100% Essential Lavender Oil, known for it’s amazing relaxing and healing properties. Lavender will relax you and create the perfect atmosphere when taking a bath or simply relaxing.


GRAPEFRUIT & COCONUT: this is a blend of some of my favorite citrus including Grapefruit mixed with the warming scent of Coconut. Citrus yet warm and sweet. (seasonal scent for the spring & summer))


IL SONNO: My little secret ! I have been making this blend for over 15 years now. Lavender mixed with Geranium and other essential oils that evoke peacefulness and relaxation. When I use this blend I feel like I am entering a spa.


FIG & BROWN SUGAR: Ripe Figs that have been warmed by warm brown sugar. It is not at all super sweet but rather comforting and is the type of scent that everyone likes !


RICE FLOWER: very mild and pretty, this is a fragrance mix, not overpowering, some mild sweet notes. Mild flowers very feminine


FIG LEAF: Without being too overpowering this fragrance oil will become a fall favorite with those added notes of Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit in the mix.


VANILLA CARDAMOM: Simply what it is… Organic Cardamom and Vanilla Bean infused butter to create a warm and cozy scent.


CRANBERRY COCONUT: Creamy Coconut with hints of Vanilla and Musk. A dash of Cranberry to brighten it.


BLACK: (added Activated Charcoal) Clean and crisp. With Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.


LAVENDER PATCHOULI: With Fresh Lavender Essential Oil and Patchouli Essential oil. A very Earthy and Clean Scent.


BUTTERY SHEA: Creamy Coconut blended with Sandalwood.


JASMINE CALENDULA: Jasmine Essential Oil infused with Calendula Flowers. Fresh, Feminine.


APPLE & SPICE: Tart apples that have been spiced up.


GINGER: Clean and Citrus combined in this earthy, but clean scent. Notes of Ginger mixed with Litsea Cubeba. 


VANILLA PUMPKIN: Vanilla infussed with a delightful Pumpkin Fragrance. Welcome Fall!


COCONUT MINT: Notes of Japanese Peppermint sweetened by the warmth of Coconut oil. Energizing and so amazing.