Flavia Soaps & More

LAVENDER: 100% Essential Lavender Oil, known for it’s amazing relaxing and healing properties. Lavender will relax you and create the perfect atmosphere when taking a bath or simply relaxing.


GRAPEFRUIT & COCONUT: this is a blend of some of my favorite citrus including Grapefruit mixed with the warming scent of Coconut. Citrus yet warm and sweet. (seasonal scent for the spring & summer))


IL SONNO: My little secret ! I have been making this blend for over 15 years now. Lavender mixed with Geranium and other essential oils that evoke peacefulness and relaxation. When I use this blend I feel like I am entering a spa.


FIG & BROWN SUGAR: Ripe Figs that have been warmed by warm brown sugar. It is not at all super sweet but rather comforting and is the type of scent that everyone likes !


RICE FLOWER: very mild and pretty, this is a fragrance mix, not overpowering, some mild sweet notes.


FIG LEAF: Without being too overpowering this fragrance oil will become a fall favorite with those added notes of Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit in the mix.


FORET NOIRE: so mysterious and sensual, men and women love this scent. Dark notes of Black Tea have been infused with other herbal teas and tobacco leaves to create this deep and so interesting scent.


VANILLA CARDAMOM: Simply what it is… Organic Cardamom and Vanilla Bean infused butter to create a warm and cozy scent.


CRANBERRY COCONUT: Creamy Coconut with hints of Vanilla and Musk. A dash of Cranberry to brighten it.


BLACK: (added Activated Charcoal) Clean and crisp. With Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.


LAVENDER PATCHOULI: With Fresh Lavender Essential Oil and Patchouli Essential oil. A very Earthy and Clean Scent.


BUTTERY SHEA: Creamy Coconut blended with Sandalwood.


JASMINE CALENDULA: Jasmine Essential Oil infused with Calendula Flowers. Fresh, Feminine.


APPLE & SPICE: Tart apples that have been spiced up.


GINGER: Clean and Citrus combined in this earthy, but clean scent. Notes of Ginger mixed with Litsea Cubeba. 


VANILLA PUMPKIN: Vanilla infussed with a delightful Pumpkin Fragrance. Welcome Fall!


COCONUT MINT: Notes of Japanese Peppermint sweetened by the warmth of Coconut oil. Energizing and so amazing.